Elevate SUMMIT — december 2020


Rukmini Reddy
VP of Engineering
Bruce Wang
Director of Engineering
Luc Vincent
Executive VP of Engineering
Papanii Nene Okai
Director of Engineering
Ellen Wong
Director of Engineering
Mandar Bapaye
VP of Engineering
Dana Lawson
VP of Engineering
Roy Ng
CEO and Cofounder
Pooja Brown
VP of Engineering
David Murray
Janice Little
SVP of Engineering
Said Ketchman
Director of Engineering


Nick Caldwell
VP of Engineering
Surabhi Gupta
VP of Engineering
David Singleton
Bhavini Soneji
VP of Engineering
Arquay Harris
Sr. Director of Eng
Vijay Gill
SVP of Eng & Product
Farhan Thawar
VP of Engineering
Tido Carriero
Chief Product Officer
Teresa Dietrich
Chief Technology & Product Officer
Jackie Bavaro
Former Head of Product Managent
Ale Paredes
VP of Engineering
Lenny Rachitsky
Former Product Lead & Writer/Advisor
Nancy Wang
Head of Product & Eng for AWS Backup
Jason Warner
Tiffany Dockery
Product Manager
Ian Wong
Keith Adams
Former Chief Architect
Shannon Hogue
Head of Solutions Engineering
Natalia Panowicz
Roojuta Lalini
Principal Engineer
David Murray
Chris Haag
VP of Engineering
Wayne Duso
VP of File Storage
Sabrina Farmer
VP of Site Reliability
Ezinne Udezue
VP of Product
John Kim
Vijaya Kaza
Chief Security Officer
David Blair
Elaine Zhou
Eric Johnson
EVP of Engineering
Shishir Mehrotra
CEO & Cofounder
Quang Hoang
CEO & Cofounder
9:00AM PST
12:00PM eST
17:00 GMT

Introduction and welcome by:

David Murray
JB Coger
9:10AM PST
12:10pM eST
17:10 GMT

Opening keynote: Leading with empathy in the age of COVID

Rukmini Reddy, VP Engineering
The talk will focus on how the role of a manager is evolving in today's distributed world. Rukmini will dive into how managers can foster deep relationships, build empathy while remote, and have better 1-on-1 conversations.
9:45AM PST
12:45pM eST
17:45 GMT

Panel: Measuring the Health of Your Engineering Organization

Luc Vincent
EVP Engineering
Pooja Brown
VP Engineering
How do you know whether your team or organization is healthy? What are some patterns or anti-patterns to look out for? In this panel, we'll give you tips on how to build productive & motivated teams and what metrics to track.
10:15AM PST
1:15PM eST
18:15 GMT

Talk: The Pursuit of Impact for Engineering Teams

Bruce Wang, Director of Eng of API Systems
This talk will cover how to to create a cycle of designing, hiring, learning, & growing so that your engineering team is operating at its fullest potential.
10:45AM PST
1:45pM eST
18:45 GMT

Take a short break, or visit the Lounge to chat with other engineering leaders

11:00AM PST
2:00PM eST
19:00 GMT

Building a Business-& Customer Focused Eng Team

Roy NG, Cofounder & CEO
Co-hosted with Lohika
In this fireside chat, Roy Ng (who was the former COO of Twilio) will discuss what qualities make a great engineering managers from his 2 decades leading teams. He'll share how eng leaders can better understand the business impact of what their teams are shipping.
11:30AM PST
2:30PM eST
19:30 GMT

Talk: Growing Your Engineers & Keeping Them Motivated During a Pandemic

Said Ketchman, Director of Engineering
In this talk, Said will discuss ways to manage growth and motivation for your engineers during this difficult time, balancing their specific circumstance, expectations for performance, and their long-term career goals. Janice Little, the SVP of Engineering at SheerID, will moderate the audience Q&A.
12:00pM PST
3:00pM eST
20:00 GMT

Panel: Building a Great Remote Hiring & Onboarding Process

Ellen Wong
Dir. of Engineering
Papanii Okai
Dir. of Engineering
How do you form an onboarding process where new hires feel a sense of belonging and empowerment as quickly as possible? How do you vet candidates when you're not in the same room? This panel will offer you actionable advice to rethink these processes.
12:30pM PST
3:30pM eST
20:30 GMT

Panel: Connecting Your Team's Work with Your Company's Mission and Goals

Dana Lawson
VP Engineering
Mandar Bapaye
VP Engineering
Everyone wants their work to be meaningful, and it takes a great leader to help their team feel they're truly contributing to their company's mission. In this final session of the summit, you'll get tips on how to rally your team so they understand how their contributions fit into the larger context of what your company is focused on.
1:00PM PST
4:00pM eST
21:00 GMT

Summit Ends — see you in 2021!